Hello World!

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Hello World! Welcome to my website. With some encouragement from my friend Gautam Mittal, I've decided to create this website from scratch, instead of using a website builder.

I would not have ever thought to build a website this way, but the HTML files are generated based off HTML templates I have built, using a build.py file I've created (the source code of which is available on my Github!)

Although I've been writing code for the greater part of five years at this point, this is my first real foray into web development. I was initially scared off by the design aspect of web development (something I never considered myself great in), but through CSS, and some tools such as pills.css, it's been made a lot more manageable.

I plan to use this blog to discuss various issues important to me, as well as talk about some of my personal life experiences, and also to keep tabs on what tech projects I'm working on at the moment.

This website is hosted on Github Pages, a very useful feature I was not aware of until recently. This allows me to host this (static) site for free, while only paying for a domain name. For things I host that need to be dynamic, I've started learning more and more about Google Cloud, and specifically Google Compute Engine, which I feel is a lot easier to use than Amazon Web Service's Elastic Compute.

I intent to actively maintain this website, with an emphasis on it being lightweight and fast. This is another advantage of using Github Pages, as it is their CDN that is being used, which is undoubtedly faster than anything I could reasonable set up on my own.

While this site's design is relatively basic for the time being (I've attached an image below for reference), I hope to make the site more and more my own, while still drawing inspiration from others.

This is what my homepage looked like at the time of publication.

This is what this website looked like at time of publication